The 30 Days 30 Projects Challenge

Apr 10th 2020 ‧ 3 minutes read

On the 26th Dec 2019, I started the #7Days7Projects challenge which I successfully completed on 1st Jan 2020. After then I decided to extend this challenge and do a little bigger 30 days challenge which took me a little longer to complete, I completed this on 8th April (approx. 3 months)πŸ˜‚. But the best thing is I have completed the challenge successfullyπŸ™ŒπŸ˜Ž.


I got inspired by Florin PopπŸ’œ who completed a 100 Days challenge successfully.

The challenge

This challenge is a short version of the 100 Days challenge. The two main rules of this challenge are -

  • Code at least an hour every day and create a small project. It may be a landing page, component or anything related to programming.

  • Share your progress each day on a social network.

You can learn more about it here.

Why it took me so long?

Since I am an engineering student, and I started this challenge just before my semester examinations it was hard for me to do it consistently. But I tried my best and didn't to much pressure on my self and finally, I succeed πŸ™ŒπŸ˜Ž.


Below is the list of all my 30 Projects.

Day Project
01 Random Advice Slip
02 Button UI Kit
03 Message translation App
04 News App
05 JavaScript Piano
06 Note taking App
07 Image Classifier using ml5.js
08 Custom Progress bar
09 Modal Box
10 Typing effect using JS
11 Browsing history analysis
12 Snackbar/Toasts
13 Quiz App using JS
14 Alexis Voice Assistant
15 Chat App using
16 Tweet Sentiment Analysis
17 Infinite Image Scroll
18 YouTube subscribers Count
19 Responsive Navbar
20 Image Slideshow
21 Pricing table design
22 3D Login/Signup form
23 500 Error Page
24 Skeleton screen loading effect
25 Neumorphic Design
26 Custom Music Player
27 Text Animation
28 Donation Page Design
29 CSS Box-shadow generator
30 Coronavirus Dashboard

Why should I do this challenge?

If you are struggling with your CSS & JavaScript basics and you are a master procrastinator, then this challenge is for you. The main aim of doing this challenge is to develop consistency in yourself.

I recommend you start with a small 7 Days challenge if you are feeling a little intimidated starting a bigger challenge.

But I don't have timeπŸ˜•

It just takes an hour each day. And if you are a working person or a student having classes & assignments to complete and didn't get much time, you can do this during your weekends. Make your own rules but BE HONEST WITH YOURSELF.

I have also created a GitHub repository for this challenge. Give it a ⭐ if you like.

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