Hello World!

Mar 28th 2020 ‧ 1 minutes read

Hello everyone, so finally I developed my blog and this is my first post 😍. Below is a greetings in C++, the first programming language I learned 3 years ago.


void main(){

  cout<<"Hello World!";

What you will find here?

I'll post short tutorials and some random articles on coding including how to do X type of blogs.

Why I developed this blog?

I am highly inspired from Florin Pop and Daniel Brouke. So in order to start I decided to write some tutorials on GeeksforGeeks. At the time of writing this I have published 11 articles there 😎. But I can't write on any topic that they don't cover so I decided to make my personal blog using Nuxt.js and Netlify CMS.

I developed this blog since I want my online presence and also I want to enhance my writing skills which makes a person or engineer better.

"Start writing, no matter what. The water does not flow until the faucet is turned on."

β€” Louis L’Amour

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