First post



This is my blog. Here I’ll add my thoughts and some tutorials or whatever new things I learn.

This is the third time I have created a blog.

The first version was created back in 2019 with Nuxt.js. The second version was created in 2021 with Gatsby.js.

This version is created with Astro.

In this version, I tried to keep things minimal and simple because that is all you need (most of the time).

This time I did not spend time designing the UI, instead, I used a blog starter-template and just made minimal changes using Tailwind CSS.

What I have learned?

I had a FOMO.

I used to keep jumping from one tech to another before going deep into anything.

I thought it is cool.

After creating and failing three times I learned that, content is the king.

I saw some bloggers putting quality content on a very simply designed blog. For example, check this blog of Paul Graham. The UI might not be fancy but the content is top-notch.

However, I have learned my lesson, and hopefully, this time I’ll blog consistently and try to put some quality content online.