Failed attempt at bootstrapping a business


A year ago, I thought of bootstrapping a small SaaS business.

I had the idea, I know how to code. But seems like that is not enough.

I failed at the first attempt.

And I went broke.

After looking back and reflecting on what went wrong, I realized that I wasted too much time on useless things like marketing, even though the MVP is not ready.

I wasted so much time choosing the best technology and architecture for the app and whatnot.

I tried to add all the features in the world in my small SaaS with 0 customers generating $0 of revenue.

As Steve Jobs famously said -

Deciding what not to do is as important as deciding what to do.

Also, I was so overconfident in my ability that I even left my freelance work.

It would have been better if I had done it part-time until the SaaS became self-sustainable.

All this time I was telling a lie to myself that I didn’t get time to work on my business with the freelancing.

It’s hard to start a business. That is why not many people do it, I guess.

Hopefully, will it try again sometime. 🙂